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Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Notorious for their fresh apple cider donuts, First Stop Donuts is consistently thinking outside of the box to serve no contact donuts, as Virginia enters phase three.

First Stop Donuts owner Evan Taylor says, “Moving into phase three; our biggest challenge was finding a way to distance ourselves from our customers. With a food truck, everyone walks up, and it’s an up-close experience. A lot of what we do is going to events, and we lost all of our events in one day. So, it was all about finding a no-contact, quick, and easy way for people to get donuts. We developed a drive-through method where people order online, pull up in their cars, and grab the donuts off of a tray.

The pandemic has pushed us to try new things and problem-solve. In the last two months, we have seen more than many businesses see in two years, as far as being challenged every day with different regulations and changes in customer behavior. If we can handle a global pandemic and do it safely, we can do anything, especially for a new business. We haven’t even hit our one-year mark yet.”

Employees at First Stop Donuts will wash their hands, change gloves, and sanitize and clean surfaces between batches. First Stop Donuts advises consumers to continue social distancing practices if they see a group forming at the food truck.

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